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Flat Cat Instruments

Guitars by Doug Thomas

and Tomassi Violins and Violas by Frank Thomas

Model K cutaway




Tomassi Violins




Model R of Indian Rosewood and Western Red Cedar.  12 frets to body.

Flat Cat Instruments offers three models, each with unique qualities, designed for different styles of play.  Doug uses only solid woods for all of his creations, selected for tone and beauty. 

The Model D is a modified dreadnought with a rumbling bass and sweet treble.

The Model K offers a jazzier tone, it is a mid-sized jumbo with a shorter scale.

The model R, Doug’s take on a parlor guitar, is offered in a traditional 12 fret or modern 14 fret version.

Preferred woods to work with are sapele and Indian rosewood, but custom requests are available at additional charge.  Tops are either Sitka spruce or Western Red Cedar.  Large end blocks and dovetailed neck joint enhance stability.  Bracing is adjusted for each individual plate for maximum tone production.

Tomassi instruments are hand carved using only air dried, high quality maple and spruce.  Carefully graduated, they have a massive tone and an aggressive attack.  They are perfect for solo work, yet sensitive enough for chamber work.  Stained and varnished by hand in either Cremona Brown or Guarneri Orange.  They are modern classics.


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