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Flat Cat Instruments

Guitars by Doug Thomas

and Tomassi Violins and Violas by Frank Thomas




Tomassi Violins





Model K cutaway

All aspects of my models are designed by me, including bracing, shape, neck profiled, etc.  The followings shows some aspects of building and design I would like to point out.

The first is the light, tall bracing of the backs.  This is not uncommon on modern hand-made instruments, by I have chosen to splay, or “fan” the braces on the D and K models adding structure and complexity to tone while keeping weight to a minimum. 



Fan braced backRibs with blocks

The second picture shows the ribs with blocks attached.  These blocks are oversized and made up of pieces with alternating grain, ensuring stability of the blocks themselves.  The neck block is very large, and “K” shaped, with a larger foot.  This stabilizes the entire neck assembly, and moves the weight of the instrument towards the midpoint of the length.


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Here are some of the flat cats that share my space.  Kit Kat and Decker (bottom) are no longer with us.